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Our Story

Ancesserie Letterpress creates elegant and rustic stationery and invitations in Edgefield, SC. Modern stationery and invitations are hand-crafted from the 19th newspaper plates used by our six-generation family newspaper, The Edgefield Advertiser. Our stationery and invitations are hand-crafted in the USA on the finest American paper stock.

Ancesserie comes from the Old French word for ancestry. One day, in recent past, I was called to discover in the pressroom of our family’s newspaper beautiful letterpress type and engravings once used by my Great and Great-Great-Grandfathers to produce The Edgefield Advertiser. This living community chronicle, the longest running newspaper in South Carolina, has been in my family for 4 generations! Ancesserie’s line of stationery is all handcrafted, inspired by and using much of this early tooling. These images tell a beautiful and lasting American story.

We have also expanded our treasure trove of artwork to include period engravings, embellished to suit Ancesserie’s style, and collaborations with talented artists. Each piece is thoughtfully designed using the finest selection of papers available that are both eco-friendly and ideal for letterpress. We print one piece at a time, with foot, pedal, muscle and determination to bring you the very best in quality and craftsmanship. Our presses are the same style presses my Ancestors used in the late 1800’s. As is the nature of letterpress, each impression will have its own unique variation of ink coverage and depth of impression, creating a rich, exquisite note equally won- derful to the touch.

We believe you will find our letterpress to be a world apart, one that is historical, sophisticated, modern, luxurious, timeless and, quite simply, beautiful.