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Tiny Trinket Bowl: XO – Edgefield Pottery

My Ancestor, Dr. Abner Landrum, created Old Edgefield Pottery in 1809 and fostered the work of Dave the Slave. Edgefield Pottery is famous throughout the world as it was the frst high fired pottery in this country and Dave’s artwork and writings on the pots were not to be forgotten. Here in Ancesserie’s line of Edgefield Pottery one sees the merger of two arts: Letterpress and Old Edgefield Pottery techniques. The slip trail and characteristic glazes of Old Edgefield Pottery combined with the Ancesserie letterpress motifs and lead type pressed into the clay make for a special collection of pieces for your personal enjoyment. Each pot hand made in Edgefield, and signed by the artist who follows the early method. (Old Edgefield Pots used to be signed with early letterpress lead type letters to identify their maker.) Each piece comes packaged in a clear box flled with shredded original newspaper galley proofs, for protection and also suggesting further the merger of these two art forms. Enjoy! Lydia


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Hand crafted artisan Edgefield Pottery from Edgefield, SC.

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